Susan Kaanta makes $25,000 bequest to new Library Museum

“A public library is the most enduring of memorials, the trustiest monument for the preservation of an event or a name or an affection; for it, and it only, is respected by wars and revolutions, and survives them.” (Mark Twain 1835-1910)

The new Seward Community Library Museum (SCLM) is the beneficiary of a $25,000 bequest from the estate of Susan Kaanta, a public-spirited, 28-year resident who passed away last summer.
City Librarian Patty Linville said Kaanta was an avid reader and library patron during her years in Seward, who took an active interest in the library. “She would frequently stop to discuss books and make recommendations while she was visiting the library, so we all knew her, and enjoyed Susan’s visits,” said Linville. Besides reading, Susan Kaanta was a life-long sailor and boating enthusiast who left many friends and adventures at the Seward boat harbor.
“We’re honored to add this gift to our Capital Campaign,” said Mary Tougas, vice chair of the SCLM Building Committee. “A bequest like this is such a wonderful memorial to a person like Susan Kaanta or to any other person who has lived as part of Seward’s history.”
Information on giving similar memorials gifts or donations can be obtained by calling Development Director Chellie Skoog (907.362.7974) or emailing her at

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